Payment in the form of CASH, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check or Debit Card is required immediately following the session and Interac e-Transfers are also accepted.

*With COVID-19, e-Transfers are preferred for a touchless transaction. An invoice can also be sent for credit card payments ahead of time as well. In addition, in order to keep us safe, I will be instituting the following practices:

  • Sanitizing all surfaces and pens/clip boards before and between sessions
  • I will provide mandatory hand sanitizer for clients and myself to use prior to starting sessions
  • In person sessions can be cancelled without penalty up to 1 hour before the session start time if the client or someone in the household is experiencing cold/flu symptoms
  • If a client arrives demonstrating cold/flu symptoms, the session will be cancelled without penalty
  • If I am experiencing cold/flu symptoms I will immediately inform you to cancel an in person session, but if you wish, we can continue with the session virtually
  • Clients are welcome if they wish to wear masks or any other PPE, but are not required to do so. In order to communicate clearly and for you to be able to see my non verbal expressions, I will not be wearing a mask in our sessions
  • The Central Park Business Park has requested clients not arrive more than 5 min before their session time to limit the number of individuals in the waiting area.
  • The seating area has been altered to maintain appropriate social distancing which really limits the space available. While you are in the waiting/common areas of the office, masks are required but may be removed once you come into my office space.

In order to limit the use of my phone to process payments, I am requesting clients use Interac e-Transfers for session payment, or I can send an invoice using the Square Reader if you wish to use a credit card. If this is problematic, the square reader can be used in the session, and I will use a UV Sanitizer on it and my phone between sessions, but it may cut into our session time.

  • At present, the underground parking area for the building is being closed at 6pm for security reasons and on weekends. The reduced business traffic in the area has meant cars in the parkade have been broken into at a high rate. If you are driving, I would recommend parking on Ormindale Street or Kingsway west of the office building.
  • The Central Park business park has also closed the use of the kitchen/ dish- washer, so I will not be able to offer tea/water at this time as well as I normally would.