“My work with Colin helped me through a major life transition. Colin supported me during a time when I no longer felt capable of coping on my own and helped me explore alternative ways to better manage my stress and reduce my anxiety. Thanks to my therapy with Colin, I developed a stronger sense of self-worth and became more secure in my decision-making process. Thank you Colin for your guidance and support!”

“Your work with us helped us see and understand each other in ways that we could not imagine before coming to you for help with our relationship.  It has reset our relationship and with our improved communication and insight, we feel the happiness we felt when we first met each other.”

“You helped me grieve when my father passed away when I was going to school at the Art Institute of Vancouver and I don’t think I could have gone through it without you, thanks!”

“I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I’ve been feeling a lot better lately and have not only been finding myself to be not only more just generally confident, but also have been finding it immeasurably easier be at ease with many situations. So in light of that, I just wanted to say thank you.”

“I know you’re blessed because you’re doing something you love to do and it must be so rewarding to do what you do. That is what you’ve helped me strive for, to see rewards in what I have achieved and feel good in doing it. Thank you Colin!”

“Thank you for your help. I do appreciate all that you have done for me and know that you have truly helped me in my progression.”

From Professional Colleagues:

“As a long-time colleague of Colin’s, and an observer of his teaching and counselling, at both school and university levels, I have some appreciation for his many considerable gifts that serve him well in his counselling practice.

Colin is a thoughtful and sensitive person of strong principles and values, on which he stands foursquare. He is robust of spirit, resilient and resourceful; he is a can-do professional, with a finely-honed sense of agency.

Colin is open to people as to the world, ready to embrace and consider without judgment whatever it has to offer. He is possessed of exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with a record of facilitative interactions and close, productive relationships.

In his interactions, Colin communicates a rare quality of mindfulness in being in tune with those he is with, and in touch with the moment.

He is skilled at engaging with the person who is there – not the person would like to have there; not the person he thinks should be there.

He engages with:

  • authenticity — the ability to live his life from the inside out rather than from the outside in
  • intimacy — the ability to form deep and abiding connection with a diverse range of people
  • response-ability — the ability to engage creatively with the circumstances of our lives and to respond to what is needed in the moment rather than from fixed and lifeless protocols.

Through his questions and explorations and analyses, he shows himself to be fully present, attending, and striving to find and express what is most nurturing and wise and caring in himself and others.

Ultimately, he succeeds in connecting people to themselves and their hearts, to their truths their voice.”

—Meguido Zola, CPCC, PCC, Professional Life Coach, Formerly, Director, Professional Programs, Faculty of Education, SFU

Colin Chow is sincere and genuine in his commitment to support and encourage his clients’ well being, growth and success. Clients seeking support with diverse and painful challenges for themselves and family members will find Colin accepting, sincere, realistic and thorough while maintaining confidentiality. With his skill and integrity Colin “walks the talk” in his belief that “…challenges in life can often be opportunities for positive change” to offer a safe, supportive therapeutic setting for clients to navigate through their personal struggles. – Wendy Steeves, M.A., Counsellor

Colin has an amazing intuitive ability to tap into the emotion in the room. When he listens he is fully present and an exceptional and heartfelt listener. Colin works skillfully in even the most difficult of conversations, guiding gentle yet powerful discussions. He is a genuine and knowledgeable person, who naturally creates a presence of comfort for his clients. – Anna Webster, Student Support and Disability Coordinator at The Art Institute of Vancouver

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